Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bell Yard clock

Public clocks are a common, if treasured, sight in our cities but this example at Bell Yard always looks a little random and surprising to me. Although the bricks form a frame for it, the face appears to have been simply stuck onto the wall.

The small alleyway off the Strand was once less than respectable: Sweeney Todd's conspirator Mrs Lovett had her mythical pie shop here. You won't get any mysterious meat pies today, however: Bell Yard is now a byway of legal London.


Anonymous said...

As a clock lover (shouldn't there be a suitable pseudo-Greek word to describe us?), I enjoy seeing all the public clocks around London. Unfortunately, so many of them have ceased working.

I hadn't seen this one, so I hope to take a look at it one day soon!

CarolineLD said...

There's a project at http://moblog.net/stopped/ to record these clocks and try to get them working again.