Tuesday 20 March 2012

King's Cross Western Concourse

On a Monday morning, King's Cross Station is usually populated by rushing commuters. However, yesterday they were supplemented by photographers: the new departure area has just opened, and it is certainly dramatic. 

In the Observer, Rowan Moore describes the building as in the tradition of the 'big metal roof'. However, the form departs from that usually seen in railway stations: a large 'stem' or 'funnel' is the key visible support and focal point of the semicircular structure. 

 The changes are about a great deal more than looks. London Reconnections gives an excellent explanation of how passenger flow through the station is being improved (at least when the photographers have moved on!). 

Meanwhile, IanVisits reminds us of the station's past, notably its humble origins and its little-known role as a station for the dead


SilverTiger said...

King's Cross is but a brisk 9 minute walk down the hill from us but although we have watched the mushroom roof developing and occasionally photographed its progress, we have not yet been to see the station inside.

I hope the promise of better flows is realized because King's Cross underground had become such a nightmare to negotiate that I have virtually given up using it. I always end up coming out at the wrong end!

CarolineLD said...

When I took the Hammersmith & City on Monday, the underground part was all the same and I didn't notice new signage for the mainline station (although I probably wasn't paying much attention). I'm good at coming out in the wrong place too!