Sunday 29 April 2012

Seaside Sunday: Southend by charabanc

Much as I enjoy a visit to Southend-on-Sea, my trips are much more staid than this pre-war pensioners' outing!

If you fancy a charabanc trip of your own, restored vehicles continue to offer days out. I took a vintage bus from Whitby to Goathland, a trip I'd definitely recommend. The bus is a beautifully-restored 1958 Bedford SB3 Duple Vega. (Bedford produced the chassis, while coachbuilders Duple supplied the bodywork.)

We drove across the North York Moors to the picturesque village of Goathland, most famous as the setting for Heartbeat and as Hogsmeade Station in Harry Potter. It was a winning combination of beautiful scenery, a vintage vehicle, and interesting commentary from the driver. 


Hels said...

What did those old age pensioners get up to????? Was there booze involved? Lacy bloomers? Group singing of WW2 songs?

CarolineLD said...

Booze, singing, and dancing with high kicks all feature on the film - no lacy bloomers on view...