Saturday 7 July 2012

Mystery object quiz

Here's a bit of weekend fun: mystery objects from Crossrail's Bison to Bedlam exhibition. How many can you identify? Add your suggestions in the comments; answers in a few days. 

Object one is smashed - but what got broken?

Object two: what are these and what are they made from?

Object three: what is it, and do you have any idea of its period?

Object four: I love the wonky lettering, but what was it stamped onto? 

Object five: any idea what these small pots once held?


HughB said...

Well, I'm sure I can name some of 'em!
1. Chamber pot.
2. Early Victorian granite bicycle tyre spanners.
3. One of Drake's bowls from the Armada match.
4. A Potters Catarrh Pastillle.
5. Marmalade.
If the prize is to be locked in soundproofed underground bunker during the entire Olympic period, I accept now!

CarolineLD said...

If that prize were available, I'd claim it myself!

CarolineLD said...

(Oh, and one of those answers is absolutely correct!)

Stephen Barker said...

Not sure about No. 2 but
1. Is deffinately a chamber pot
2. Don't knoe but looks like iron
3 Is this a Bellamine Jug in stoneware for wine from Germany around Sixteenth Century?
4. A Brick
5. Medicine probably for venereal disease.

How lucky am I not to be in London when the Olympics is on.