Friday, 21 December 2012

A London Christmas

The Boxing Day tube strike is becoming a tradition, but there are plenty of others which are more enjoyable. Here's a quick round-up of some London-y festive favourites.
  • The Christmas lights on Oxford Street may be a Marmite advert this year, but there are plenty of more seasonal illuminations to be found. Discover them with Westminster Walking - and as a bonus, the walk starts and ends in pubs! It runs on Sunday and on Thursday 27 December. 
  • Westminster Walking also has other suggestions for walks over the holiday period
  • Christmas crackers are a London invention (in France, they make do with sweets). Confectioner Tom Smith adapted the French bon bon wrapped in paper by adding a motto, then the all-important snap; finally, he replaced the original sweet with a gift. Smith is remembered by a fountain in Finsbury Square. There's film of Edwardian cracker-making here
  • Perhaps the most challenging London Christmas quiz is the fiendish effort from London Reconnections. There are prizes, and you have until New Year's Day to work out the answers. 
  • Look back on the London year with the Londonist Out Loud podcast
  • Finally, last posting dates have passed but there's still time to send new year wishes with a Christmas stamp

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Kate Shrewsday said...

Lovely round-up, Caroline, thank you!