Tuesday 18 December 2012

Ghost signs (84): Scarborough

W W Heslop, Butchers were clearly very proud of being army contractors. I'm not sure that actually conveys an impression of quality, but perhaps it was meant to appeal to other large institutions rather than the ordinary passer-by. The shading on the lettering is very nice, though. 

If bulk-bought meat is not your thing, then here's a sweeter (if simpler) sign. It's arguably not a true ghost sign, since rock is still being made and sold in the shop below. 

Further along the sea front is a rather sombre reminder: a sign for A Castle and Sons, Stonemasons, Carpenters and Gravediggers. It appears to have been repainted relatively recently, although I saw no signs of the original business. 

Finally, this is not strictly a ghost sign - but who could resist a 1960s poster, exposed once again on its wall? HP Sauce were exhorting shoppers to 'give your chips yum, Mum'. [Update: there's a story behind this poster!]


Sam Roberts (Ghostsigns) said...

I love the HP Sauce poster, what an amazing find!

Cathy McBurney said...

Unfortunately it's a fake! It was a TV prop put on by the makers of 'The Royal' when they filmed an episode there. The lady who owns the shop commented on my photo on Flickr:


I think Scarborough is the ghost sign capital of northeast England though...!