Friday 25 January 2013

Fantastic fire station

The Rousseau fire station in the rue du Jour, Paris, has some fine signs and details collected since it was built in 1897. From the enamel plaque for a now-absent bell, to the illuminated signs across the facade and the red-paned lamp, there's plenty of detail to catch the eye. 

To either side of the doors are round objects, cunningly disguised as firemen's helmets. They are examples of a familiar piece of street furniture in Paris, designed to protect building corners from damage by horse-drawn vehicle. Most are less colourful and decorative, however!


Adam said...

Nice pictures - it's one of the best places for the annual Bastille Day firemen's parties too!

CarolineLD said...

Thanks - I saw references to the parties when I looked for information online. It's an interesting tradition which I hadn't come across before. Have you been?