Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Reviewing the year

Happy New Year! 

As we move into 2013, let's take one last look back at 2012.

When I did my round-up of the year's top posts, I was by no means the only Londoner in reflective mood. IanVisits also did a top ten, as did Londonist. The weekly Londonist Out Loud podcast reviews the year in its latest edition. The London Mural Preservation Society's blog looks back on a busy twelve months of posts, walks and restorations, while Tired of London, Tired of Life has a book as well as a blog to consider. London Historians looked outward at favourite books and exhibitions, while London Reconnections channelled Gilbert & Sullivan to produce a little list

In France, Invisible Paris listed both the most popular and his own favourites; Invisible Bordeaux chose his most rewarding, as well as most popular, topics.  

As for 2013, there's plenty to look forward to. The big London anniversary is the 150th birthday of the London Underground. It opened on 10 January 1863, and the day is marked with a most London-y event, organised by Londonist and London Historians at the London Transport Museum. An outstanding panel of Tube experts will be discussing its history, speculating about its future, and taking part in a quiz; some tickets are still available. A good way to kick off the new year!

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Kate Shrewsday said...

I joined half way through with Olympic lego, I believe! This is a fascinating site and so worth every visit. Thanks, Caroline. You research is incredible.