Sunday 6 January 2013

Underground sesquicentennial!

The London Underground is about to celebrate its 150th anniversary. In the first of several posts making the event, here's a selection of images. 

The unique Barons Court station benches

Ticket machine, London Underground Museum Acton Depot
St Paul's Station

South Kensington station entrance

Carriage tube map detail, London Transport Museum Acton Depot

Piccadilly Circus world clock

Aldgate Station

For some stunning, long-hidden posters at Notting Hill station, click here


Mike Paterson said...

The South Ken sign is a favourite of mine, on its own merit, but also because it reminds me of all the museums nearby, aka Albertopolis.

Anonymous said...

The trains on the Isle of Wight are using old tube trains..

CarolineLD said...

Anon, I've been on those trains - and felt quite disorientated to be on a tube carriage so far from home!

Mike, that's a good point - it's an amazing bit of London. Every time I visit them, I'm amazed again at the museums.