Wednesday 5 February 2014

Snack on the track


After the surprising elegance of the National Railway Museum's Victorian urinal, here's a bit of rather less elegant 1980s nostalgia. Who could resist the lure of Maxpax tea and casserole-in-a-box in an Intercity train carriage?


Ralph Hancock said...

Ugh. No wonder the person in the right-hand seat in the foreground has had to drink five miniature bottles of spirits.

Hels said...

I used to travel on long distance railways quite a lot in the 1955-70 era in Victoria. The food on the railway stations was almost always fast, lacking visual appeal and tasteless. Hot pies and tomato sauce, sandwiches and revolting tea.

This generation don't know what they are missing!

Oh yes they do - they can find Snack on the Track :)

Stephen Barker said...

Casserole in a Box, I do not recall encountering that in the past, thankfully.