Wednesday 22 April 2015

Ghost signs (116): Ealing Broadway

Although this old advertising sign is on the wall of a building in Ealing Broadway, it is not painted on brick but on tile. It has outlasted the furniture store on whose wall it was placed - as has a smaller sign on the facade, currently largely obscured by scaffolding.

Today, the sign states that 'Edwards Furnishing Warehouses' are 'also at Bayswater'. However, without the advertising hoarding - that curse of the ghost sign lover! - we would be able to see that they were at Kensington and Acton too, with workshops on Porchester Road.

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HughB said...

I love the grand flourish of the 1902 beside the sign - it proclaims great pride in the building, which is far easier on the eye than that blocky car factory in Guildford.