Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Let's swim in the Thames!

However hot the day, jumping into the river in central London is not currently recommended! (Even the moral rural stretches of the Thames can be risky...) It's a tempting idea, though, as the river becomes ever-cleaner - if only a safe swimming space were available.  

Indeed, it's not a new idea. The Thames did have a lido in the past, nearly got another one for the millennium, and could have one again if architects Studio Octopi are successful. They have launched a project to build swimming baths near Blackfriars Bridge - and yes, the water will be warmed and filtered. If the thought appeals to you, then you can support the project on Kickstarter and receive rewards involving chances to swim in the new pool if and when it opens. 


Hels said...

I have tried to track down all the old Lidos, with some success. But I had never heard of one on the Thames. Imagine a floating swimming bath in 1875 that had a large heated pool, changing cubicles and a diving platform!!! Who said those Victorians didn't know everything they needed to know for pleasure and exercise?

swansswimmer said...

Just found you Caroline, some fascinating entries and none more so than the Thames lido and Victorian Floating Pool - a new discovery for me.
May I add that the Thames is an excellent swimming river, with many informal swimming groups enjoying various stretches from the source to the tidal reaches. The Outdoor Swimming Society is an excellent way to meet open water/river swimmers. Best, Bryn