Friday 25 September 2015

Looking down on Brutalism

Sometimes, it's not the highest buildings which offer the best views. 88 Wood Street has 17 floors - pretty high up when you're ascending in its glass-walled lifts, but dwarfed by the 34 storeys of the Walkie Talkie or the 45 floors of the Cheesegrater. 

The top floor, though, offers excellent views of the Barbican complex. That confusing layout, which requires extensive signage and a yellow track to the Barbican Centre when you're inside, makes a lot more sense when viewed from above. 

St Giles Cripplegate, at its heart, is even more prominent - and incongruous - from here, too. 

There is plenty more to see from this level. A look across the City highlights the extent to which the skyline is dominated by the newest skyscrapers - and by cranes. 

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