Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Ticket to Dismaland

Banksy's 'bemusement park' in Weston-Super-Mare lives up to the excitement. There's art everywhere: galleries, installations, giant sculptures made of lorries and scaffolding, political messages. Dismaland also works as an amusement park, though: a big wheel, boating pool, carousel, crazy golf, games you can't win, and the fairytale castle - complete with souvenir picture to buy at the exit. 

Security theatre: 'I am searching you for no reason.' The cardboard creation of Bill Barminski.

Tattooed figurine by Jessica Harrison

The castle was made by Block9

David Shrigley

Big Rig Jig - Mike Ross

Aftermath Displacement Principle: a post-riot model town by Jimmy Cauty

There are more photographs over on flickr.

Polly Morgan


HughB said...

Sounds (and looks) a bit sick to me - and whatever he pretends it IS a swipe at Disney who has brought and brings children a lot of pleasure. There might be a lot to rant about in modern society (!) but it's a shame these artists can't be more original in the setting.

CarolineLD said...

Beyond the name and castle, it's more of a fairground than Disneyland - and theme parks really aren't the main target. There is work from about 60 artists, widely varying in style and medium. I really liked it - but Jonathan Jones agrees with you.