Saturday 27 February 2016

Books Unbound!

Two very interesting books are currently being crowdfunded on the Unbound site. If you'd like to see either of them published, you can pledge in return for copies of the published works and all sorts of other rewards!

Fiction and non-fiction author, and creator of the fabulous Victorian England site, Lee Jackson is proposing Most Peculiar: Secrets of Victorian London, 'an alternative guidebook to the nineteenth-century capital'. Full of the sorts of traces I love to share on this blog, it will be crammed with images and information. 

A more wide-ranging work in a very different format is proposed by Peter Ashley of Unmitigated England. Having published a number of interesting and beautifully-interested books, including the Unmitigated England trilogy itself, he has now put together a collection of 100 postcards featuring his photographs, in a great box evoking Kodak photo paper boxes. A gorgeous selection to keep or post!

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HughB said...

Give us a chance - I'm still struggling through "War and Peace"!