Thursday, 17 August 2017

Inside St Paul's Cathedral

While its exterior is one of the most photographed in London, the interior of St Paul's is usually off-limits to cameras. It was a rare treat, then, to go into the cathedral and be positively encouraged to take pictures.

There is, of course, much that is shiny and spectacular. However, there are also plenty of smaller details to catch the eye.

The special evening openings also offer non-photographers a chance to visit after work. However, camera bags were strongly in evidence when I visited!

They continue on several more evenings throughout this month. Do note that these after-hours visits don't include the Whispering Gallery.


Hels said...

Do you know why the interior of St Paul's is usually off-limits to cameras - security? to avoid noise and flashes disturbing the visitors? commercial reasons? In any case, your photos turned out very well.

roslw said...

Thanks so much for this info and, as always, your great photos Caroline. Am cursing that I'm not in the UK right now! But shall share the news.

CarolineLD said...

Thank you both.

Hels, I don't know why it isn't allowed, but I imagine it's to avoid disturbing other visitors, especially given the numbers. Having been to Notre Dame in Paris where they allowed photography without flash, I don't blame St Paul's:the reality was that lots of people did use flash (some because they didn't know how to turn it off, I think!) and it did nothing to enhance the atmosphere.