Sunday, 13 May 2018

Ghost signs (133): just Dubonnet

Things have been quiet here for a few weeks, mostly thanks to my being on holiday. And of course, no holiday would be complete without a holiday ghost sign photo!

Presumably, the instructions to this signwriter were to paint 'Dubonnet'. He did literally that. There are no flourishes, no slogans, not even a quirky misspelling. Just 'Dubonnet' in big, bold letters. Well, it certainly gets the message across!

The sign is in Saint Coulomb, halfway along the road between Cancale and Saint Malo, Brittany. The small town also boasts another bit of old signage, rather more satisfying, on a pleasingly idiosyncratic building. This is the post office - or 'Post, Telegraph and Telephone' office, as it was in 1930. 


Ralph Hancock said...

I was told by an advertising man that people had to be constantly reminded to drink Guinness. It wasn't that they didn't like it, they just forgot that there was an alternative to ordinary beer. They didn't even need to be told that Guinness is Good for You, just to be prompted with the name. Evidently the same thing applies to Dubonnet.

CarolineLD said...

Ralph, that makes sense! They has these signs in virtually every town, so presumably decided that quantity was more important than quality.