Sunday, 30 June 2019

Happy 125th birthday, Tower Bridge!

My favourite London bridge (as distinct from London Bridge) is 125 today. To celebrate, here are a few less-usual views. 

Here, we're looking down from one of the bridge's turrets to the walkways and the road below. Note the distinctive shadow!

This is the view from Cannon Street Roof Gardens, taken during Open Garden Squares Weekend.

Finally, views from the bridge control room. 


Ralph Hancock said...

I can remember the day in 1952 when a bus driver, Albert Gunter, found himself driving over Tower Bridge as it was opening. He made it across the gap, though the conductor suffered a broken leg and one of the passengers broke a collarbone. The story is here.

CarolineLD said...

Ralph, that's probably my favourite Tower Bridge story! I wrote a much shorter post on it many years ago, and love the detail in that account.