Tuesday 29 December 2020

Gunpowder Square

The name sounds suitably historical, the cannon dates from the reign of George III, but Gunpowder Square in the City of London is only in its 30s! As a plaque on the gun carriage explains, it was opened in 1989. 

The Square is not square, more of a triangle and path, lined with office buildings. It is just off Fleet Street, to the north-east of Gough Square, home of Samuel Johnson's House. However, there seems to be very little information available about the Square. One hint is that it was redeveloped from a former courtyard

There may not be many stories attached to Gunpowder Square, but it is pleasant to have another alleyway and open space in this historic part of London. And such a well-guarded one, too...






SilverTiger said...

Thanks for bringing to notice one of the many intriguing corners and byways of London. I hope to take a look at it one of these days, post-Covid.

The name is certainly curious. There is a suggested derivation here, though where they sourced the cannon gun is another question!

Hels said...

I don't ever enjoy seeing a gun, be it a cannon or a pistol. If London wanted some open space in this important historic area, there are far more suitable and emotional memories of war, soldiers, national pride or even literature (re Samuel Johnson) than a lumping cannon.