Tuesday 14 June 2022

Ghost signs (143): York found and - nearly - lost again

Piccadilly in York is less fancy than its London counterpart, but full of interest. If you look carefully, you can even spot the large and bright ghost sign for Foxton's Garage. The reason that care is needed is that the sign is now facing a hotel wall!

Photograph showing a recently built brick building on the left and a much older brick building on the right. There is a small gap between them, with a painted ghost sign visible on the older building's side wall.

Foxton's Garage was here from the 1930s until 1975. Old photographs show a different version of the sign, so it post-dates the 1930s: back then, 'Saloon Buses for Pleasure Parties' were being advertised. 

The current sign says 'Foxton's Garage Ltd. Morris cars sales and service'. Its light blue lettering and cream background have survived, looking relatively fresh, thanks to being covered by other buildings until 2019. It was exposed again when the nearest buildings were demolished, and immediately attracted attention and calls for it to be saved. Sure enough, it has survived - even if it does seem to be hiding shyly behind the hotel next door!

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Ralph Hancock said...

Thank you for that. The sign survives but the whole building looks as if some property developer is licking his lips at the prospect of demolishing it and replacing it with the usual luxury flats 'n' offices.

I suppose a 'saloon bus' is one with a roof, as opposed to the open charabancs which were still in use when the older picture was taken, probably in the early 1930s. These would not have afforded much pleasure on a raw Yorkshire day.