Thursday 25 September 2014

Ghost signs (113): Lewisham paint

This lovely ghost sign on Belmont Hill was uncovered earlier this year when a hoarding was removed - many thanks to Alan Burkitt-Gray for telling me about it. Running Past has done some fascinating research on the sign and dated it to before 1912, making it a particularly exciting example. 

C Holdaway advertises himself as a 'Painter Grainer & Decorator' as well as offering 'estimates for general repairs'. While painters, decorators and general repairs remain familiar in modern life, the 'grainer' is less common today. Graining was a method of using paint to imitate wood - either on non-wooden surfaces, or on soft wood to make it look like more expensive hardwood. It enjoyed real popularity in the nineteenth century, when labour was cheap and wood expensive; today, it is often more economical to use the real thing than employ an artisan to imitate it. How apt, then, that this vintage sign should make reference to an equally vintage trade.


Running Past said...

Thanks for the kind words - glad you found the 'sign' - it is fantastic isn't it?

Jim Hudson said...

That's funny, just moved back to Belmont Hill after many years in Berlin. Had assumed sign must have been there but I never spotted it. Now I know!

Many thanks,


Anonymous said...

I love this advert because my name is C HOLDWAY almost the same. i had wondered, despite living near Lewisham for over 40 years, why i had never noticed this advert with my name(Nearly) on it before, but it seems it had only just been recently uncovered.mmm...