Thursday, 6 January 2011

Barons Court bench

Among the interesting features scattered throughout the Underground system are these benches at Barons Court station on the Piccadilly Line. With their elongated backs and enamel signs bearing the station name, they are unique on the system.


Hels said...

The bench looks very attractive. But I don't know Barons Court at all. What line is it on? and near what suburb?

It reminds me of the seating used in formal, slightly uncomfortable settings like a magistrate's court. Could the choice of furniture be a play on the word "court"?

CarolineLD said...

It's on the Piccadilly Line, near Earl's Court in West London. In fact, its neighbouring station probalby inspired its name!

John said...

Are you sure they don't also have these at Turnham Green station?

CarolineLD said...

Pretty sure - but you did make me double-check! This photo and these suggest they don't.

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