Wednesday, 16 February 2011

London street photography

The Museum of London's exhibition of Street Photography begins on Friday, but if you can't wait or can't get there, the BBC has an online slideshow.

One of the photographers featured is Peter Marshall, whose blog Re:PHOTO is fascinating not only for the photographs and events it includes but also for the discussion of how those images were taken. Even better for London history lovers, though, are his websites Buildings of London and especially London's Industrial Heritage. The latter site has photographs of areas including Deptford from 1973-1982; if that sounds rather close to the present then do take a look and get a sense of just how much the city has changed.

Practical information:
London Street Photography Exhibition at the Museum of London until 4 September.
Admission free.

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Hels said...

Excellent. I love the idea of street photography, as opposed to set studio shots. I will get onto the BBC show straight away.