Monday 4 January 2010

Review of the year (3)

We'll end this look back over 2009 with ten events and ten miscellaneous choices. First, the art shows, exhibitions and outings:
  1. 24 March was Ada Lovelace Day, celebrating women in technology. I featured Hertha Marks Ayrton, electrical engineer and suffragette.
  2. Story of London shone a spotlight on London's history; I enjoyed walks around the City and Deptford. Here's hoping it will be repeated in 2010.
  3. The Wilton's Music Hall open day combined an amazing building with delicious cakes - a definite winner!
  4. In April, Mary Wollstonecraft's 250th birthday was celebrated at Newington Green Unitarian Church.
  5. Another anniversary in May: 100 years of naval aviation saw HMS Illustrious visit Greenwich. Thanks to Ian Visits, I made it on board!
  6. There were a variety of arts events: the mysterious Tunnel 228 saw me walking under Waterloo Station in a face mask. I was back underground for Chord in the Kingsway Tram Tunnel, where the venue was worth a visit in its own right. At Art in Action, I tried marquetry and wondered at the professionals.
  7. There was a rare opportunity to visit the London Fire Brigade Museum.
  8. The Thames Barrier's annual closure.
  9. A night at the circus, Edwardian style - thankfully without performing animals.
  10. Open House Weekend was, as ever, a real highlight: from a butcher's shop to the Lloyd's Building, not forgetting Lewisham's Palladian villa and St Paul's, Deptford.

Finally, what would a Miscellany be without miscellanea?
  1. A complete witch bottle was found in Greenwich.
  2. The London to Brighton veteran car run offered an exceptional opportunity to see some of the very earliest automobiles.
  3. Financial chaos abounds, but Lewisham has its symbol of Prudence. And there's always cheap cake to bake ...
  4. The Victorians had mail-order catalogues for most things, including churches.
  5. After a performance and an exhibition, I was addicted to magic lanterns - I now have my own!
  6. Moving from pre-cinema to cinema, amazing vintage films included 1920s London in colour and in black and white. Pathe's archive also went online, including Deptford footage.
  7. The Thames Discovery Programme introduced me to the foreshore at Custom House and Greenwich as well as Thames skulls.
  8. The Ghost Signs archive is now about to go live; here are some local favourites.
  9. My Postman's Park series reached a fitting, and poignant, conclusion with the new plaque to Leigh Pitt.
  10. With cold weather chaos back again, it's good to remember the scenic aspects of last year's snow.

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