Thursday 6 October 2011

Deptford murals (1)

As the new mural in Douglas Square takes shape, here's a look back at what preceded it. Images of Deptford in 1840 covered the wall: a little faded, a little graffitied and a little unfashionable, but I was rather fond of it. The railway theme was absolutely right for the location, given Deptford's importance in passenger railway history.

It was created by Christopher Ryland (now better known as a botanical artist) and Paul Pestidge in 1981. Its thirty-year lifespan contrasts sharply with the three years intended for its replacement.


HughB said...

Why not just repaint the original mural? It looks far more interesting than what has replaced it, which could be anypicture, anyplace, anytime, coffee table art. Shame.

Russell Thompson said...

I miss the old mural so much that I've written a song about it!