Thursday, 14 January 2010

Can you tell what it is yet?

Everything's chaotic at the moment, so posting is going to be a bit erratic for the next couple of weeks. So, to keep things ticking over until I get time to write it, here's an image from my next post. Any ideas?


Philip Wilkinson said...

Crumbs: how tantalizing. It looks like a Romanesque ruin. In which case it's unlikely to be in Deptford! A castle in Brittany?

Minnie said...

Yes, definitely Romanesque. Lots of red sandstone in the masonry; unfamiliar with terrains of Brittany, so can't identify local building materials. Plumping for Britain; rough work, so must be a castle. Door suggests maintenance, so a substantial edifice. Wild guess: Ludlow? Could be early part of Chepstow, tho'. Hm.
Hope your frantic pace abates soon - unless you're enjoying it, that is!

Stephen Barker said...

I suspect that this could be in north France where many of your blogs come from. If not I suggest Rochester Castle which is a fine example of a Norman keep. Or is this going to turn out to be a religous building?

CarolineLD said...

Philip and Minnie, you're right about it being Romanesque and Philip has the right region.

It's not a castle though - Stephen's suggestion of a religious building is correct.

I've nearly finished the really busy work stuff and begun on the hectic but fun stuff, so I can't complain!