Monday, 13 April 2009

Breton bread

In nineteenth-century Brittany, certain amenities were often communal: the laundry facilities, the water well, and also the bread oven. This example survives on the edge of the village of Saint Just; it would have been belonged to the local landowner, with villagers paying a fee to use it.

Today, bread remains central to Breton life - but usually purchased from the village boulangerie. However, a highlight of many summer fairs is bread baked in wood ovens. Many are mobile, but the village of Plumaugat still uses the original one every year.


Adam said...

There are plenty of these dotted around the French countryside, but not many still in operation!

CarolineLD said...

No, the one in Saint Just still has a door (no longer attached) but I doubt it's ever used!